Christmas is right around the corner and with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget about the man you love! Finding the perfect gift for your man can be challenging. I am a girl who is all about getting your moneys worth so when it comes to presents, I try my best to find items that the individual can use frequently. When it comes to Shawn, I already have a list gathered in the back of my mind of things that he owns and uses on the daily. He’s a simple guy who really appreciates anything I give him which I am very grateful for. This year, I really want to go beyond and think outside the box and give him something out of the norm but will still benefit him in some sort of way.

Below, I have complied a list of items that are useful, budget friendly (almost all under $200), and sure to make your significant other super grateful.  I scoured the internet so you didn’t have to, which I hope makes things easier for you this holiday season!

1. J.Crew Oxford Shirt : Shawn LOVES these shirts (he owns six of them) , they’re a little thicker than your typical dress shirt (think in between dress shirt and flannel), super soft and super low maintenance.

2. Bose Speaker:  This portable speaker comes in handy especially when we are entertaining and want to play some music. It’s also nice to steal while you’re in the bathroom taking a bath. 😉

3. Bose Wireless Headphones: If your man doesn’t own wireless headphones then he’s seriously missing out. Shawn and I both work out a ton and we love how we’re not restricted by wired headphones during our workouts.

4. Nike Running Shoes: If you man loves to work out or enjoys to wear athletic shoes while running errands, it’s always a nice gesture to get him a new pair of sneakers for him to go out and about in.

5. Black Joggers: This goes along with the running shoes. Who doesn’t love to be cozy while running errands?

6. Northface vest: Shawn loves his vest because it’s a nice middle ground between a shirt and a full jacket. It’s especially useful in between seasons.

7. Herschel toiletry case: Something that your man probably uses on the daily to store his grooming necessities. If he doesn’t have one or it’s getting a little ratty, its a great idea to gift him one!

8. J&M 1850 Cap Toe Boots: I seriously love it when guys dress up their outfits by wearing shoes like these. They’re classic, timeless and should be a staple in any mans wardrobe.

9. Hydroflask water bottle: Always useful anywhere you go!

10. Khiels Set: This set has everything that your man might need if he travels a lot. Everything is under 3 oz and the set includes a shaving cream, face wash, moisturizer, body wash and a chapstick.

11. Patagonia Jacket: Shawn lives in this jacket. Whether it’s to the gym, running errands, going out, wherever, this is his go-to jacket. It makes the perfect gift especially if the weather in your area gets a little chilly.

12: Versace Cologne: Shawn doesn’t even own this but one of his good friends does and ladies this is scent is HEAVENLY. I caught myself smelling the bottle every time I was in his restroom. It’s that good!!

Well, I hope this helps! Thank you so much for reading and happy shopping!


xx, Michelle






With Christmas being only a couple of weeks away, I’m sure a lot of you will be partaking in either white elephant parties or secret santa giftings. Or perhaps you are on a tight budget and need to find a gift for a girlfriend that won’t hurt your wallet. Lucky for you, I have found great, practical items that will surely be the talk of the party. All of these items are under $25 which makes them perfect for any of your gifting needs.

  1. Cactus Planner: I love planning out my day so if you know of someone who likes to stay on top of things and be organized this is the perfect gift for them!
  2. Sephora Beauty Unmasked: This gift is perfect for the woman who loves to pamper herself. I love this set because there are a variety of masks that you can choose from. It is super nice especially if your gal has issues with her skin and wants to sample/test out masks before purchasing a full size bottle.
  3. Soap Cherie Bath Soak: This is perfect for those who loves taking baths after a long day.
  4. Monogram Agate Coaster: These coasters are super luxurious and personalized which is sure to make your gal feel extra special. I also love that these coasters are made from agate.
  5. Monogram Tea Mug: If your gal is a tea drinker or a small coffee connoisseur, this monogramed mug will be such a cute addition to their daily routine.
  6. Cards Against Humanity: Card games always are a lot of fun especially if you’re entertaining or when you’re bored and want to be entertained. This also makes a great housewarming gift if the individual you are gifting is an avid card/ board gamer!
  7. Volupsa Candles: These candles smell amazing, they have a long burn time and they come in a set of three. Which, is super nice if the person is particular about scents.
  8. Magnolia Table Cookbook: I think it’s pretty safe to say that Joanna Gaines is seriously goals and I am sure anyone who receives this book will be leaping for joy. If you don’t the book for cooking purposes,it doubles as a nice display/coffee table/ decorating book.
  9. Urban Decay Smoky Eye Pallet: First of all, this pallet is a STEAL. Secondly, for all makeup wearers out there, this pallet has great neutral shades (in shimmer and matte) that will compliment all types of skin tones.

I hope that you were able to find a couple of gifts and are feeling inspired from my picks! Thank you so much stopping by and reading my guide!

xx, Michelle

My Everyday Wardrobe Staples

Hi guys! Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Michelle and I am so excited to share with you my every day staples that I believe every person should have in their wardrobe. These are all pieces in my closet and I can’t live without them. They all can easily be transformed to elevate a look or make it look more casual.

I am all about quality over quantity. To me, if you invest in clothing pieces that will last you at least a year that is already a step in the right direction. Personally I try to aim towards a year +. If I don’t see myself falling in love with a piece all over again every time I wear it (even if its a year down the road), I’ll steer clear of the item. These items listed below have been my tried and true staples for the last couple of years. I’ve narrowed my list down to my top 5 items. They are all versatile, timeless and easily accessible.

1. Comfortable Sneakers

If you know me you’ll know that  I will ALWAYS prefer sneakers over heels. If you don’t know me then you’re going to see me in sneakers religiously. My current favorite pairs at the moment are my Adidas Flashback sneakers and Van’s Old Skool sneakers. Obviously they can be paired to dress down an outfit but you can also elevate them if you wear clothing pieces that support whatever look you’re going for. Think cute dress, leather (or suede) jacket, and sneakers.

2. Black Jeans

P.S.A if you don’t already own a pair of black jeans…. go to your nearest mall, Target, or where ever you shop for clothes and purchase a pair. They will seriously match anything; will make you look slim and look so so chic. I own several types of black jeans (distressed, coated, normal skinnys) and I love them all. And the best thing about black jeans is that you can honestly purchase them anywhere at any price point and they pretty much all look the same.

3. A Wool Coat

Living in the Pacific Northwest we have our fair share of cold weather. Wool coats are durable (will last you forever) and will keep you super warm. A bonus is that they practically come in every single color way. I own two wool coats one camel colored and another heather gray. Both colors are great neutrals that will match anything in your closet. Another nice thing about wool coats is that although typically a bit on the fancier side, you can totally play the coats down to have a more casual vibe. I love pairing my coats with leggings, a tee and some sneakers. It completely changes the outfit and I love the contrast between the items.

4.A Striped Top

There’s an old tale that stripes are unflattering if you aren’t a size 2 or below and I think that’s a bunch of bologna. Striped tops can be really slimming (if you want it to be) if you are pairing it with things that will off set it such as a solid colored cardigan (or jacket) and a pair of black jeans (my second staple). I love anything striped. To me, it adds some variation in my closet and although I’m not a big fan of prints, stripes can really transform a plain outfit into something really interesting.

5. A Cream Sweater

It’s no secret that I love a good cream sweater. This color literally goes with everything and I love how it makes any outfit look fresh and crisp. You will be seeing me in a cream sweater at least once a week and I am always a sucker when it comes to the details of the sweater. None of my cream sweaters look alike (minus their color) and I love how it contrasts against my dark hair. Everyone needs a cream sweater in his or her life! It is literally the best of best in the basics world.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 staples! They might not be anything crazy or super interesting but they are all items that I believe are timeless and that I will never get bored of. What are your staples? I would love to learn more about the items you can’t live without too! Thank you so much for reading!

xx, Michelle